Wednesday, 7 September 2011

American History X (1998)

Repost from 04/07/08:

Well, it is a good movie in its own splendid way of relating things in terms of the emotion of hate. I am not much related to these kinds of movies about discrimination because I did not grow up in a street with fair and dark-skinned people myself. The only dark-skinned people I've been with were neighborhood brats that I grew up with. Snot-nosed melancholy dripping back to me again. *sob* Oh well. Moving on, the only reason I watched this is because of its neo-nazi-ism, and how it would have been if I had been in their shoes. Edward Norton was awesome, yeah, but I have seen him better. *ehem* Fight *ehem* Club.

The movie teaches you how hate shapes people, making them vile even if the thought would be inaccurately rational. It is awfully true in our society not just today but even then. The other Edward also did a great job portraying older Edward's brother. They did not make him too tied up with his character, which I am puzzled whether that was good or not, either way still deserves an applause.

The only thing I hate this movie movie is Edward Norton's love interest. She creeps me out. Believe me, I know.

Overall: 4/5

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