Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Il Mare (2000)

Repost from 30/08/08:

The second chick flick turns out to be another tearjerker, and it also turns out to be the original The Lake House.

Kung napanood mo ang movie na The Lake House (with Kiyanu "Metriks" Ribs and Sandra "Miss Congee Nationality" Bulok) then you'd probably guess the story by now.

Maybe the entire movie is like an hour-and-a-half long music video, it's still worth it. Kung kinilig ka sa movie ni Gianna Jun sa My Sassy Girl maybe you should probably lower your expectations a bit. I like Gianna better when she portrays silent melancholic roles rather than a goofy bitchy sassy chick.

I like how the movie delves with the personality more than the plot itself, and it's a fresh start. Despite the lack of human compassion lurking within my subconscious human ego, I find it very intimidating to see myself get carried away by movie emotion.

The best time to watch this movie is with someone you cherish. A significant other, so to speak. Your mom or dad, if you'd choose them, would just probably think your clinging on to much on unimportant business. Kung si yaya naman you'd most probably worry she wrecks the whole movie experience by asking you over and over what happened kasi she doesn't understand Korean nor do English subtitles. Kung si ate/kuya/bunso naman, aasarin ka lang nun. Kung friends naman, baka maging more than that pa kayo be it the same sex or whatever hahaha!

Overall: 4/5

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