Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Night Porter (1974)

Repost from 17/08/08:

Gumising ako yesternight mga near-midnight di nako makatulog ulit so dumeretso nako sa Seattle's Best before going to Metrowalk then Decades then Burger King Timog, and now kakauwi ko lang di ako makatulog kaya ginawa ko na lang to baka sakali. What a f'n night.

Sad adult romantic obsession movie with not much explicit scenes or eroticism and find most of it symbolical and artistic. I love the song number she (the actress from that movie, Swimming Pool I can't remember the name EDIT: I found it through googling, it's Charlotte Rampling) performed for the Nazi officers. It was nothing short of captivating. It's not a dumb movie per se so it's not really watchable for the second time.

Gaah, sleep muna hehe zzz. *snore bubbles glug glug hiccup*

Overall: 3/5

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