Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Carlito's Way (2003)

Repost from 16/09/08:

The reason I watched this was because I was expecting something out of Goodfellas or Casino or Scarface or something out of an ordinary gangster movie and what do you know? It did. It was like that typical dying man movie where the main character dies in the beginning of the movie and fragments of flashbacks come daunting on holding for the last breath of life even after all the drama and the emotion of it. 'Twas not that good but it was good. Very good but not very very good. Sort of similar to the ambience of Scorsese gangster films but it is not. Pacino.. damn.. such a good actor, all I can really say. His role is nothing short but inti--f'n-midating. Carlito Brigante may not be more popular than Tony Montana but fk still he still is cool. The beauty of this character is because of his humanity and the desire to repent. All the while you thought the mafioso were bloodthirsty mongrels out for blood and guns. Well, for one, it is true, But, hey! People change. And this is what happens to people who do change, they become Carlito Brigante. Sa name pa lang sounds "bigatin". If only we could somehow fit him in Wowowee. Tae, I'm losing my signature humor.

Overall: 4/5

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