Wednesday, 7 September 2011

No Mercy For The Rude (2006)

Repost from 16/08/08:

I love the movie quite simply because it's filled with neat details and no mindfuck to worry. It just flows and entertains you like movies should. It has romance, action, drama, comedy, violence (but not as much as previous films I've reviewed though), gangster, heck! even sex.

The writers made a good script out of this and there is amazing character development in which to fill those curious crunches desperately aching the neutral brain. Although it tries to emulate the shadow of Oldboy in a sense, it still creates a whole movie of its own.

The lead character is a seemingly mute antihero Killa (the second straight role I've viewed him as lisper, being Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance the first) who chooses to narrate his life instead of talking just because he was born with an unluckily short tongue. He chooses not to speak up until such time he gets the surgery he always wanted, which ultimately leads up to an unfortunate ordeal that threatens his quest for self-satisfaction. He's good with knives and excels as a cook, but his salary cannot, on the short-run, sustain the financial needs needed for the surgery. He decides to be an assassin-for-hire, and he created a rule as advised by his assassin associate, Ballet, and that is to kill those with scary-faced people and rude no-mannered assholes.

Other than him, there are other characters that are similarly fan-favorites such as Ballet. He's sort of like Killa's assassin mentor, pero he devices his assassination in an unorthodox kind of way, through ballet, as his name states. Gusto niya magtayo ng school for dancing, kaya siya pumasok sa ganung trabaho. He kind of reminds me of Miguel in Tekken 6. If you've seen Oldboy, you'd probably recognize Mr. Han from there, too.

The humor is unexpectedly cute. There were short scenes about their boss emulating Che Guevara without knowing who he was. The doctor Killa consulted for the surgery was a urologist. The urologist talking about hookers. The scene where the police thought he was crying for losing the kid (with whom you'll find out as the movie progressed).

Ang nagustuhan ko lang naman sa movie is the character living up for his ambition, which most people in the world live for and is quite rational. There was this particular scene even at the beginning of the film of a matador, and his desire of becoming one, which for me symbolizes a conclusion to his ever-never ambition. Then came along these obstacles hindering you from attaining that dream. It makes you tick and decide whether to choose this from that, and live your life as instructed by that dominant force which tells you what should be and not what you want it to be.

Oh well, that's it. Nasa tao na yan kung hilig niyo. This is out of my own perspective and does not reflect those of others. Have fun, bitches!

Overall: 4/5

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