Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dumplings (2004)

Repost from 13/08/08:

First Chinese movie I've seen in months, recently kasi puro na lang J-movie napapanood ko. And this is the first movie I saw that starred Bai Ling. She freaks me out, not just because of the movie. I mean.. she really freaks me out. Just a first impression of her acting. I saw stills of her and Amy Smart for the upcoming Hollywood movie Crank 2 and I think she's kind of a warfreak.

Moving on, hindi masyadong nice ang movie although it really doesn't try to scare its viewers at all by means of letting you jump out of your seat. It's trying to make you feel disgusted about the horrors of fetus cannibalism, so yeah, it's disgusting but not to the point believable.

Story niya about sa isang frustrated wife gusto bawiin ang kanyang youth because of her womanizing husband. And she has heard of great, but awful, news of Aunt Mei's dumplings which restores youth to a whole new level. Except the key ingredient wasn't as she hoped it would be. Yep, it's a real live fetus. And she knew what's she's into, but she cannot allow herself to be ignored anymore, so she decided to give it a go.

The key element in this movie was the music. You just can't help but feel scared at certain points or scenario that isn't really scary at all but your heart can't seem to stop beating hard.

Overall, it's just flat out below mediocre. Shock horror is still better than mindfuck horror. I'd rather watch The Ring and get bored than this.

Overall: 2/5

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