Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Angel-a (2005)

Repost from 06/09/08:

First movie I gave a 5 since The Dark Knight. Have you ever blamed God for all the bad things in your life? That He who is Almighty probably left you for dead? How about if He does something to you unexpected to answer that question? Like, maybe, send you one of His angels to guide you to the right path? Then, yeah, the angel did save you from your despair just like she was ordered to. But then, what if you fell in love for her? Would it be wrong for you to love a warrior of God? The simplicity never fails to prevail in a story of such redundancy. It was dreamy just the way I like it. A comical romantic story of hopefulness rebounded from hopelessness in a world of the unjust. I have heard a lot of Luc Besson's movie but it never hit me as to its caliber until I felt it pulling me, sucking me up, and leaving my jaw sour. When my jaw starts getting sour, that, my friends, is irony.

It's black and white.... and French! I recommend this movie to dreamers of all kinds. You need not be religious to understand the movie, it pretty much just molds into its own unique blend. And by the way, how tall is that chick really?!?

Overall: 5/5

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