Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Dark Knight (2008)

Repost from 22/07/08:

I rated this movie without any regrets of giving it 5. I waltzed in the movie theater and said to myself, "Heath may be gone, but I'm not forgiving as to give the movie a score of 1 if it truly deserves it." I was wrong. It was a masterpiece. It may not be equivalent to a The Godfather score of 5 but let's just say the scoring works differently among its genre. The beauty of the movie begins by putting together plot after plot after plot. Heath as the Joker and his maniacal lip seizure was truly amazing. Maggie, hmm, let's just say she did a good job following up for Katie.. err.. but.. yeah, I'd say I prefer Katie more than her. Not that she ruined the character, but imagine Joker in the next movie without Heath Ledger, yeah he might do better but it just ain't the same. So Jack Nicholson, I know how you freakin' feel now hahaha. Aaron as Harvey Dent was spectacular, but I was hoping Harvey would have had much more of an intimidating face than Aaron's because Aaron looks too innocent to just be Two Face.

The main focus of the movie is Batman's take on an enemy so sadistic that the ass doesn't have any motives at all. None. Then one thing leads to another.. and another.. and another.

Do not expect this movie with laser fingers, levitation, horrific green guys that bursts to rage at the cost of pissing them off. This movie has none of it. It has a tremendous amount of stunts, though. It's perfect for all those comic book geeks who always stood up with the original. Batman doesn't have powers, he does have f'n wild artilleries to back it up. Every geek knows that.

Talking about what I learned in this movie. Hmm, the movie has a somewhat similar message to Spiderman 3 about the good guy needing to become a bad guy just as to show the world how much sacrificing this hero truly is. Yeah. That's all I can say. There's more to it but it'd be spoilers. We wouldn't want THAT.

The bad side? Well there is.

1. The setting. Gotham did not look like Gotham at all. Chicago was a poor choice. Compare the first movie and this and you'd see the difference. Plus, the first one was much darker. That goes well with the Dark Knight, doesn't it?

2. The improvised costume made him rock-hard light.. and ugly.

Well that's about it. Go watch the movie. I did not waste 140 bucks just to blab about it.

Overall: 5/5

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