Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Oldboy (2003)

Repost from 29/06/08:

If you're not down with this, I've got two words for you: WATCH THIS!! This powerful film packs quite a knuckle sandwich. Sure the end was ambiguous but the plot and the whole point of the movie was so tight it actually made me cry a little bit. It's a vengeance movie which (I don't want to spoil anything for you) "has an awkward ending." I actually thought this was those badass-all-action-kind-of-movie but I was dead wrong. It actually has a STORY and LOTS OF DIALOGUE and MORALS. Did not expect the morals thingy though. I wanna watch it over and over after I watched it the first time but I decided to share this to anybody reading this because it is A+ material. Kang Hye-jeong was.. as far as her looks.. *gawk* Yu Ji-tae was the perfect look for the perfect antagonist, though if you think about it, he was supposed to be similarly aged with Choi Min-sik, the star of the movie (which, for me, looks awfully like Jackie Chan/Dolphy LOL).

It's one of those vengeance movie where the protagonist always promises from the get-go, "I'm gonna kill you, bastard!!"-kind-of-genre, but the plot twists will keep you *bump* lose your ground when you thought you already understood everything about the movie.

Back to the main storyline, Oh Dae-su is a goof who, on one rainy evening, was taken captive by an unknown assailant and kept on a secluded room for 15 long f'n years. Then released for a chance to exact revenge on the captor and find the truth for the reason of his captivity.

Oh Hollywood, please do NOT make a remake of this. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Overall: 5/5

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