Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Wrestler (2008)

Repost from 02/03/09:

Nagsimula akong i-decipher ang whereabouts of The Ram's needs according to Maslow's hierarchy and I'd say he's somewhere stuck between self-transcendence and aesthetics, not that he needed one, I mean, the aesthetics, haha, maybe around esteem, yeah.

Ang tindi ng asim ng tema na inilalahad sa movie na ito which rejuvenates you after watching the entire film. It makes you think about your own self and yung emotions imposed upon. Been fan of Rourke ever since I saw Double Team, which was then overwhelmingly amazing for my father because of Rodman's involvement. He was a big fan of the Bulls during the '90s, and upon tracking down the road for a couple of years, he has established that whether he is a bummed out actor as he is allegedly portrayed by the media, one cannot distort the fact that the man had impenetrable talent, more so than anyone could ever say. Sin City, for a change, also features Rourke as Marv, who, in turn, was actually my favorite character in a trilogy of stories made to life coming from a graphic novel. Not only does he embody the human characteristic of his characters, like in this movie, The Ram, he brings with him the machismo, the alpha male characteristic which male viewers find a little more amazing and propworthy. Ang chemistry nila with his on-screen daughter played by Evan (seen her on Across The Universe and nagulat ako to know she's with Marilyn f'n Manson) is near-solid, if not, better.

I truly felt sorry for the circumstances of The Ram, and that bitter melancholic taste left is remarkably fulfilling. And not only do you empathize with one character, but you find yourself having bitterness with Marisa's stripping character as well. (Hubba.. hubba..)

I love the movie being tight of budget and all, it makes the whole experience more easier rather than being over-the-top realistic. Plus, the whole camera film capturing and following The Ram anywhere he goes na para bang they're some sort of invisible paparazzi shits trying to sulk out each and everything about the man, awesome.

It doesn't demand to be a wrestling fan in order to relate. Here, in effect, lies the failure of norms, as I, all my life, stood to testify for. Mahirap bitawan ang mga bagay na saan ka masaya kahit na alam mong ikakasira ng anumang relasyon ng mga malalapit sa inyong puso.

Cheesy fuck. What the hell am I talking about?! Hahaha!

Check out the movie. It's a slow rush, I tell you.

Overall: 5/5

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