Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Léon: The Professional (1994)

Repost from 01/10/08:

For some odd reason, one cannot help but be in awe of this wonderfully crafted masterpiece of a film. A classic film that truly brings out salvation to simplicity, that neither reality nor fiction may hope to outrank. Simply a Cinderella movie for adult males, and females alike.

This movie stars Jean Reno and a young Natalie Portman in her movie debut. I never thought I would ever say this, pero right now I am Nat's numero uno fan (LOL).

The antagonizing conflicts in characters between the translucency of Jean Reno's character, Leon, combined with Nat's character Mathilda's ever so wise-crackin' mouth is incomparable among today's movie dynamic duos. One can almost never forget most especially Nat's character, which despite her puny figure and what she lacks in age, unexpectedly is the one in the movie with the most explicit dialogues of "Fuck!" and "Shit!" (not to mention her character smoking cigarettes).

However, the movie does not ponder upon these characters selfishly. There is Gary Oldman's character, Stansfield, the drug-sniffing cop with a severe case of anger management and early onset bipolar disorder (my assumptive diagnosis).

The movie is about Leon, a professional hitman, or a "cleaner" as he prefers to call it. One day he meets Mathilda, a kid next door to his apartment. Nagkatagpuan, nagkakilala, same old, same old. Then isang araw, Mathilda's family got massacred by Stansfield and his men while Mathilda was out shopping. Umuwi siya only to witness the crime scene still on progress and asked help from Leon, who was in turn very cautious trying not to get involved. He decides to let her in on the final second and thus begins the story between the two. Mathilda finds out about Leon's job and decides to learn whatever it takes to become a "cleaner" to avenge the death of her brother, which was present during the raid of Stansfield and his men.

After reflecting the movie, one can never forget what seemingly was the relationship of Leon and Mathilda and was it ever, in a bit of a stretch, pedophilia. Whatever it is though, the charming sensation of it all will make the whole experience worthwhile.

The movie is not the 37th best movie in IMdb for nothing! LOL

All hail, Luc Besson!

Overall: 5/5

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