Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Perfect Blue (1997)

Repost from 15/01/09:

Hindi ko inakala the movie would be great. For months, I have constantly declined trying to watch this because all the while inakala ko it sucks for the reason the cover sucks, that's all. I've never been much of a psychological thriller fan myself, not much of a Hitchcock fanboy. Although the director of this movie, I am well aware of, having seen his latter work Paprika, which I thought was equally artsy.

Ang movie ay tungkol sa isang J-pop idol na nag-switch ng kanyang career from being a singer to becoming an actress because sabi ng company she would be better of as one, much to the dismay of her fans, including a fugly stalking fanboy named Me-Mania. She hesitantly agreed including her manager, being singing her primary dream.

Soon, she realizes things happen one after another, having seen another her in the picture, one that claims that she is the real her and that she, the pop idol, should be the one in her place.

Yung ending medyo nagulat ako sa kahihinatnan but not as much as I expected. All in all it's a good watch. It could make your head hurt at times though, makes you think, makes you feel sympathy for the girl.

Overall: 4.5/5

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