Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Girl and I (2005)

Repost from 28/08/08:

A barrage of chick flicks will bombard my week from yesterday.

And to start things off here is My Girl And I.

There is a thin line about watching chick flicks alone and watching it with a companion, whichever fits the bill. Pero this time I managed despite having to maneuver my psychosocial brain-isms to counteract the negativity. I somewhat felt a relief after watching the film.

The film is okay. It's one of those been-there-seen-that kind of chick flicks. Separation anxiety of the inevitability. In terms you can understand (not that I'm saying I'm smart and complex and vainglorious, maybe a little bit of vainglorious :D) the movie is about pag-ibig 'til death do you part.

It's maximum cheesiness from start to end. If by anything annoys you more than anything that's cheesy, decline watching the movie. But for those tearjerkers (like moi.. awwwwww as if) then you have a picture-perfect movie suitable to your taste.

If you're familiar with Korean celebs, you'll quickly notice the male lead is the one (yeah, that one) from My Sassy Girl. Medyo quirky talaga siya mag-portray ng kanyang roles. Not too savvy but not too bad, either. For the female lead, god! Need I say something that makes me squirm and wiggle? The chick was maniacally cute. I mean.. maniacally!! More so than that sassy one. Not that I'm rating.

Overall it's okay. Made my jaw kinda hurt to avoid crying. Hahaha!

Overall: 3/5

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